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As I sat in our auditorium last night, listening to our eleven BOE candidates interview at the PTA’s Meet the Candidate Night, I was again thankful to be the superintendent of schools HERE. In what other superintendency would I possibly find this kind of support for the school? The vast majority of residents in Randolph and our surrounding communities truly love our school and our community.

Candidates were randomly asked questions about everything from making BOE decisions, to their position on tenure, to integration of technology, to the economic crisis, term limits, collective bargaining agreements, and substitute coverage. They had potential questions sent to them in advance from the PTA and then had numbers drawn to determine which four each would be asked. Their answers were thoughtfully prepared and showed much about who the candidates are and what they stand for in this election. You can watch the event on our school website by linking here so if you couldn’t make it last night, you can watch ¬†and be an informed voter on Tuesday, May 18, 2010.

So why did last night’s interviews remind me of how thankful I am to be the superintendent here? The majority of the candidates were overwhelmingly positive about the school and the community in their answers to “what would you say to a family who is considering a home purchase in Randolph to persuade them that this is where they want to raise a family and educate their children?” I could hear the pride that many have in everything that we are at RCS and I understand the responsibility that I have personally to perpetuate our RCS success.

Last night I listened to candidates who want to be involved in our school through BOE service for many reasons but most of all, I heard residents who want to be a part of a winning team. Busy residents who are taking the time to say I support our school and I want to be a part of seeing to its continued success. I don’t see how we can lose with that kind of support!

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  1. It’s great to see how many people ran for school board this year. Is it the most ever? It goes to show just how involved the citizens of Randolph are in the school. Being a member on the school board doesn’t pay and is very time consuming. Between meetings all across the state and regular late night meetings, it’s satisfying to know how many people are willing to commit to it.

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