Technical Sergeant Bradley Walters Writes Home

I received an email last week from 1997 RCS graduate Bradley E. Walters. Mr. Walters is now Technical Sergeant Bradley E. Walters and he’s stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan with the United States Air Force.

Why did he write to the RCS school superintendent, someone he’s never met? In Bradley’s words,

I’m motivated to help the children and people of Afghanistan get clothing and school supplies. I recommend that you read the book Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin. This book explains, in my opinion, the way to really make an impact on this country; that is, through education. If these children are lucky enough to go to school, they usually are sitting on the ground with virtually no school supplies. These kids desperately need flash cards and books to start learning English. Books at the elementary level are what are really needed.

Randolph has a history of being #1, so hopefully RCS can come through and give these children over here some school supplies and clothes to wear. We will take pictures delivering the donations provided and I will ensure that Randolph sees them.

I have made a personal decision to dedicate my deployment to helping the Afghan people through charitable outreach.  I believe we have an incredible opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the Afghan people. That’s why I have joined Operation Outreach Afghanistan (OO-AFG).  OO-AFG is a Soldier led volunteer organization at a base located in Kabul, Afghanistan.  OO-AFG was founded more than four years ago by a former Soldier serving in AFG.  It has a mission of empowering the Afghan people through humanitarian assistance and medical mentorship.

We would appreciate your support of OO-AFG by donating a gift to the people of Afghanistan.  OO-AFG needs material items like shoes (Ages 0-20); school supplies/book bags, English spelling and grammar books, numbers and spelling flash cards, fleece blankets, first aid kits.  You can ship your gifts to me at Bradley E. Walters, 855 AES, Camp Phoenix, APO, AE 09320.

Let me thank you in advance for your generous support and gifts.  Your contributions will enable us to show the Afghan people the love and compassion that America is known for around the world.  Together we can heal the hearts and minds of the Afghan people!

Please know that as a public school system, we cannot donate items to this effort. However, as individuals we can do much to support Bradley’s efforts. Randolph, I know many of you will have your wheels turning when you read this about what we can do to help. . . please post your ideas and your plans here so that others can contribute to your efforts. For example, I know that our elementary teachers, Mrs. Beaver and Mrs. Kobinski, are collecting books and clothing that they can send. Casual Friday contributions in the future can be used to help pay the costs of shipping the items over—but more help will be needed to pay for this.

Please post here if you’d like to help or contact Mrs. Kobinski or Mrs. Beaver in the elementary and Ms. Carnahan or Ms. Albano in the high schools. Or me!

  1. Your inciative cannot be compared to, however as a student of RCS I must attempt to advise you. I was stationed in the Southern Area of Afghanistan in the Kahandahar provience. I won two purple hearts with 5th Brigade 2nd ID. You can look us up as we are now famous. Please don’t waste your time supporting the Afghans as you may feel your efforts make some sort of difference your efforts are wasted. Love the children you have, support and defend them, please don’t waste your time wasting your time teaching or clothing the men or women whom will kill your children. I’m a decorated war veteran on the nation you speak of. Fear that nation, do not aid it.

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  3. One of my favorite books and very inspiring! There is also a children’s version available! I will be spreading the word – even outside of Randolph!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. The Elementary School will also be holding a hat day in June to help pay for shipping. Please be watching for a letter that will be sent home with all elementary students next week regarding collecting items for the children of Afghanistan. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or Mrs. Kobinski. Thank you!

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