Budget Passes Successfully

I know it’s not very exciting for the rest of the world, but May 18 is a big day when you’re a superintendent. I’d say it’s like the Super Bowl for us, but I’m thinking that’s probably overstating it a bit. I’m grateful and delighted to see that we overwhelmingly passed our budget yesterday and our purchase and refinancing of vehicles. Thank you Randolph.

We worked hard to put forth a budget that is responsible to our taxpayers while maintaining our educational programs. Passing Proposition #1, the Budget, 436 to 122 is gratifying.

This morning I’m also thinking about the eleven candidates who put themselves out there in the public eye by running for the Board of Education. To each of you, I say a huge thank you. It takes courage and dedication to the children of our school district to throw your hat into the ring, particularly in a year with eleven candidates running–it’s more likely you’ll lose than win with four open seats and eleven candidates.

Here are the results:

  • Proposition #1, Budget  Yes 436, No 122
  • Propostion #2, Purchase and Refinancing of Vehicles  Yes 378, No 156

Board Member Vote Results:

338 Michael Evans

318 Daniel Jackson

307 Julie Milliman

271 Thomas Shields (completes the 3 year term vacated by Dan Philblad)

267 Tonia McAllister

147 Carol Luce

144 Timothy Pence Jr.

133 Elizabeth Lerow

113 Robert Gebhard

63 Thomas Deacon

56 Timothy Plaskett

Again, thank you to all of our outstanding candidates and to our community for once again, supporting RCS!

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