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Last night was my first public hearing as superintendent followed by Randolph’s first “Meet the Candidates” night in about 15-20 years. By all accounts it was a success. We had 32 people in attendance and it wasn’t quite what I had anticipated. I went through the three part budget, proposition #1, expecting a question or two but no one had any. I studied and worried about my ability to answer every question and not a one? What does that mean?

Because of the previous controversy in the community surrounding the purchase of property and construction of a new bus garage, I anticipated the opportunity to answer lots of questions on proposition #3, the addition of mechanics bays to the bus garage.  I much prefer to have a good conversation which results in everyone better understanding all of the information at hand to rumor and conjecture.  I’ve received lots of feedback this morning that indicates those 32 people in attendance better understand Proposition #3, the addition of a Bus Mechanics Bay to the current bus garage. But it leaves me wondering, what do I do about everyone else?

So I’m taking the show on the road. Tomorrow morning, those good fellows who have breakfast every morning at R&M have graciously invited me to join them for coffee. I’m really looking forward to answering their questions and hearing what they think. I’d be happy to do the same anywhere else in town that our community members gather to talk about what’s happening. If you’d like me to join you for good conversation and a cup of coffee, just say the word (358-7005) and I’ll be there.

We’re also working on posting a clip of the presentation on the school website. And as always, if you’ve got questions, thoughts, ideas–you can post a comment here, call me on the phone, stop me on the street or come on up to the school. I’d love the chance to talk with you!

In the meantime, we’ll continue to communicate in all of the routine formal ways that we always do, through our newsletters, public notices, coverage through the Post Journal, Randolph Register, and Salamanca Press, this blog, our school website, and BOE meetings. But if what everyone needs is a good old fashioned face to face, I’m your girl. Give me a call.


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  1. Way to go, Kim! I wish you a great breakfast and great conversation. What better way for our community members to learn the real scoop on the Bus Garage addition?

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