Video of Public Hearing Available

Posted on our school website, Randolph residents can view a video excerpt of Proposition #3 from the Public Hearing on May 12, 2009. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from those community members who attended the hearing regarding the presentation. Many said that being there helped them to better understand the proposition, the rationale for building the Mechanics Bays, and the overall purpose of the project. In the best interest of the district we are posting it for those who were unable to attend.

We taped the public hearing for my own self-assessment NOT with the intent to post it for the community. The video excerpt is sixteen minutes long and the people in the audience who ask questions are somewhat hard to hear. In watching it for my own self assessment, I wish I had been more formal in my delivery for a web-based presentation. Still it is my hope that linking the video on our website will help provide more information on a topic that has been somewhat misunderstood at times.

If interested in a thorough explanation of our Proposition #3, addition of Mechanics Bays to the Bus Garage, you can link to the video version of the presentation on our school website.

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