Winding Down

We’re winding down now with only one Regents exam left tomorrow, Physics. Our results are pouring in, seniors on the cusp are being notified about graduation, and commencement is the day after tomorrow.

After two-three manic weeks, winding down feels great. Our new hires should be approved at the BOE tonight, our summer school appointments are going up too, and we’re all enjoying the anticipation of summer. Anyone who works in industry and resents the idea of two months off for teachers and students has never seen the exhaustion of our kids at the end of a tough Regents exam. This break is badly needed and allows us to come back refreshed in September.

Personally, I look forward to two months of work without students and staff. Granted, our implementation of a summer school changes that dynamic significantly, but I still get the chance to actually start and finish a project in the same day. I can complete a thought, as simple as that sounds. Summer is truly our time of renewal and is often the source of my own professional growth and the generation of many new ideas.

The very best part about this ending to the school year is the knowledge that G-Town has had a stellar year. Our faculty, staff and students have worked very hard to improve and our Regents results show significant gains. The combined January/June Regents results for this school year, which are in to date, show the following:

  • Comprehensive English   Increases to both the mastery level of 85%+ and to passing at 65% with 83%
  • Math A,Increases to mastery level, showing a 7% gain at 26%, and passing, showing a 15% gain at 94%
  • Math B, Increases to mastery level, showing a 3% gain, and passing, showing an 11% gain
  • Global History, Increases to mastery level, showing a 3% gain at 21%, and passing, showing an 11% gain at 77%
  • Comprehensive Spanish, increases to mastery level, showing a 17% gain at 56%, and 96% passing at 65

I’m not even considering our passing rate at 55% any longer, even though our students can still graduate with 1-3 of the five required Regents exams at 55%, depending on cohort. We’re operating from the standpoint that we need to help all students achieve at least a 65% on the Regents with the goal of mastery level at 85% and above.

We’re getting there G-Town. A great example of how far we’ve come is that our English passing rate of 83% that was just 68% in 2005 and of 77% in Global that was just 59% in 2005.

Thank you to every student, teacher, and staff member who helped make it happen. Thank you to the superintendent and BOE for supporting our ideas for instructional improvement. Thank you to our parents and community for pushing our kids and for supporting our budgets.

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