Bosses’ Day?

Today was Bosses’ Day. I know this because the five women who work in my main office sent me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, along with a very nice card.  I received a dish garden from our athletic directors and a card with someone’s face that was so close up I could see his pores. Sorry, I’ve got no explanation for that one.

It’s a strange occasion to celebrate, if you ask me. These are the people I owe my thanks to, on a daily basis. They keep our school running smoothly, along with our teachers and support staff. I rely on our secretaries, custodians and cleaners, teaching assistants, technology staff, and teachers. I trust them to do a good job. I hope that they’ll have high expectations for themselves. 

My biggest piece in this as the “boss”? Trusting them to do their jobs and supporting them while they do it. Following up with those employees who aren’t getting it done in G-Town. And leading by example, with high expectations for myself too.

It’s everyone doing the job that we’re hired for, and doing it well, that keeps G-Town moving forward. So bosses’ day? I’m just taking care of my piece of the puzzle, just like everyone else.

  1. You may feel that you’re just taking care of your piece of the puzzle, but the fact that you were given gifts to celebrate Bosses’ Day speaks volumes to how well you are doing your job. Not all of us are cut out to be bosses and there are many who are who really shouldn’t be. I don’t know you personally, but my educated guess from reading this blog is that you are someone I would enjoy working for and with.

  2. I’ve recently been investigating blogs and their use in order to help educators learn to use them in their practice. This blog is among my favorites – as I appreciate Kim’s candor and willingness to share her thoughts, something that is not too common in the education world.

    Part of what I have been investigating is how to make good comments to a blog, to add to the discussion in order to make this a robust tool. Here is an interesting one from Rebecca Blood’s The Weblog Handbook: Practical Advice on Creating and Maintaining Your Blog that I thought might be appropriate here:

    Never, ever launch a personal attack on someone (especially other bloggers.) Not only does this lessen your own credibility, it also causes problems which are likely to never be resolved satisfactorily.

    C’mon Prof – what about the content here?

    Blood, Rebecca. The Weblog Handbook: Practical Advice on Creating and Maintaining Your Blog. Perseus Publishing, 2002.

  3. Kim, after reading your blog over the past three months, you continue to amaze me with your humility as you state, “taking care of my piece of the puzzle.” You get it!

    I have noticed that you are about kids. You celebrate when they are doing well. Who can forget the marching band and the pride that was created in your town because of what those kids did and did well? Who can forget your worries and concerns about not being able to always meet the needs of the entire population? Your students are lucky to have you leading their school!

    You are about thoughtful reading and reflective writing. This is what our students need – models of good reading and good writing! What a great model you have become just entering the blogging world only 3 short months ago.

    The reason you got the flowers is because you meet the high standards in your own work and the work that all of us need to do for the students of today.

    You know what? If they can all read and write as well as you do, then who needs indentation? Even if they are thinking and connecting with the topic instead of reading and writing, who needs indentation? It is a thing of the past. Keep up the writing. I enjoy every minute of it.

    P.S. We all want to know more about the PORES?

  4. Dear Kimberly Mortiz,

    I recently read your blog, and I could not understand why there is no indentation used anymore. I believe human nature could be saved if only men, women and children of all ages, shapes, and colors would only push the space bar 5 guick times or just push the tab key once. Wars would stop and the sun would start shining again, and this world would be a better place.

    Professor Gabel

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