Don’t stop believing

The Seneca Nation of Indians sponsored a family carnival this evening. The three contract schools participated with JOM faculty, Seneca Nation employees, faculty, staff and administration volunteering. I think they planned for 500 people to attend and we ran out of tickets. It didn’t matter though, because the kids all played whatever games they wanted to and there was food enough for everyone.

Each district sponsored a welcome booth and each school within the districts sponsored a game booth. A friendly competition was waged among the three schools where carnival-goers voted for the best welcome booth.

The thing that struck me about the evening was the reaction to the Gowanda pride shown by all of us. As we signed in participants, we encouraged them to go to the ballot box and to vote Gowanda the best booth/best school. There is almost a reluctance to say, “yes, Gowanda rocks!” and not just at tonight’s event. But you know what I noticed? The more pride we showed in our school, the more comfortable our students were. I hope at least a couple of parents and kids left thinking, “I’m glad to be a part of that school.”

I’m still, in my third year, combating the “it’s Gowanda, what do you expect?” attitude. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I expect the best, that’s what we’ve got and that’s what we will continue to be. I love Gowanda and I’m very proud to be the high school principal here. Not anywhere else–not the #1 ranked school in football or Lacrosse or Math or English–Gowanda. We’ll get there. I’m in it for the long haul, G-Town, and you’re worth it. Believe it. I do.

  1. Whoot Whoot!!! Mrs. MORITZ!!!

    First time on and I see a comment from across the country. And WE thought we had a good thing in you….apparently—once again—-you are proving GREATNESS!!!


  2. Dear Ms. Moritz,
    I’m using your blog as an example of what a blog should do….our school has caught the excitement of blogging and I’m planning/doing some training and so you may hear from some of our teachers as they read and comment on items in your blog. We are a large high school on the east coast of Florida and so far, there is a blogging discussion going on regarding the definition of Lacrosse!!! Too funny….. I want to thank you, in advance, for the wonderful example your blog is to us.
    Carol Burns

  3. It is reassuring that others believe in the power of expectations. Give students a level of expectation and most will rise to that level. Cheers!

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