Blog strokes/pats/props

Blogging is professional development through reading and on-line conversation. It’s my place to write about a difficult issue and then put it away in my head. It’s my space to solicit ideas from other professionals. It’s a vehicle by which I may influence thinking or clarify my position. It’s a public relations tool. It’s a connection to people near and far. And now, I realize it’s positive reinforcement.

How often do you suppose a high school principal gets a pat on the back? Much of the time, we’re called on to solve problems big and small and to listen to complaints about things we have little control over like the lack of toner in the lab (which was ordered 3 weeks ago). We get to make decisions that make life better at school and we get to help students/parents/faculty out with problems too. We’re involved in planning the big picture, which I love. Helping the kids is the best part and sometimes it feels like we actually make a difference. Often, we are managing the day to day stuff and a great secretary like mine makes that part much easier.

But it’s not like teaching where I could see the difference on a daily basis, when I knew my students really well and could gauge my success by their engagement and success. Being a principal is challenging and non stop and just the pace I need, but I can’t always measure how I’m doing.

So how is blogging helping me to measure my performance? When I read the comments and see the links. When I realize that my thoughts are of some small value to others and that I’m not completely off base. When one of my colleagues writes and says, “Yes!” When an old friend or a stranger posts a comment that says, “hey, you get me, that’s just what I’m thinking about.” Most of all, when I follow a comment to a post and find a blog created in Florida to teach blogging with me listed as the first homework assignment. Me. My blog.  On the days that I come home exhausted, feeling like I’ve accomplished little and there’s still no toner, that feels pretty darned good. It elevates me. Thank you, EGHS!

  1. Kim,

    You are receiving a HUGE pat on the back from me! You have made great strides here at Gowanda. I’m very happy that my daughter has the chance to experience a principal who cares. I only wish my sons also had that chance! They have graduated and moved on and are doing well, but would have benefitted greatly from your enthusiasm. I have spoken to many parents and all agree! Keep up the good work!

  2. Well, I think you’re a good principal :]. Also, I can tell a HUGE difference from when you got here, to the way it use to be. I don’t think I even remember his name? But now I feel like I’m actually acquainted with my principal and that’s the way it should be, I believe.

  3. I am looking forward to blogging to help me stay (hopefully) more positive about what I chose as my vocation. Hearing others discuss challenges similar to mine in other parts of the world will reinforce my resolve to keep fighting the good “fight” every day. I work with exceptional students from many different backgrounds, each with horror stories of their very own. Positive reinforcement is important for students, and it is also important for teachers. I learned about Lacrosse today….. what will it be tomorrow?

  4. Thank you!! Our bloggers are excited to have been mentioned in your post! I know I won’t sleep tonight….I’m so excited about our upcoming training and it’s had a great beginning thanks to you!!!

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