Get off the bench and blog

I just read two insightful, well written and thoughtful comments from Lisa and Amy, two contributors who have previously submitted to my posts. I’m left thinking, learning, and reflecting. Again, I’m considering the power of this medium.

So my challenge to Lisa and Amy is to get off the bench and blog. Thank you for your contribution to G-Town talks, but you’re always left just responding to what I initiate. It seems to me that each of you, and most other readers, have so much more to offer. Plus, I spend an enourmous amount of time looking for new blogs to read that connect with what I need to learn most. We need more players in the game, my bench warming friends. Join me.

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  1. I promise to begin to ‘play’ by the end of the year. Your blog and the others that I comment on regularly inspire me. Thank you!

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