Students Speaking Out on TED Talks

Extremely excited about this new opportunity for our students.  Watch this video and tell me our Randolph students wouldn’t benefit in a BIG WAY from our own RCS after school TED-Ed Club. If anyone’s interesting in this, let me know. If no one else wants to start the club here, I’m going to!

  1. Thanks for the positive response everyone! We are planning to offer this as a class Period 7/8 in the second semester. Geoff Olson, Jamie Berg and I have all applied to go through the orientation and we are planning to team teach the class. Based on our experiences this semester, we will determine next steps for further course offerings or after school clubs. I’m excited!

  2. I love TED Talks- this would be an amazing opportunity for the students! Please be sure to let us know how parents could help!

  3. I’m a huge fan of TED Talks and would love to see our students express their ideas this way. We definitely need to make this happen. I’m 100% in!

  4. Sounds like a great idea and opportunity to hear from our young people and to have their voices heard!!! I’m in!!!!

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