Business First Rankings

Randolph Central may be in the middle of the pack for the school rankings for our elementary, middle school and high school but check this out—#3:

The following are the top 50 high school sports programs in Section VI, based on Business First’s analysis of competition in 18 team sports from the spring season of 2005 through the winter season of 2008-2009.

The sports included in the study were: baseball (boys), basketball (boys and girls), bowling (boys and girls), cross country (boys and girls), field hockey (girls), football (boys), lacrosse (boys and girls), rifle (coed), soccer (boys and girls), softball (girls), volleyball (boys and girls) and wrestling (boys).

Champions in all size classifications were counted equally. Champions from the most recent year (spring 2008 through winter 2008-2009) were awarded four points each, down to one point each for the most distant champions (spring 2005 through winter 2005-2006). Ties above were broken by the total number of sectional champions.

The following rankings do not include public high schools from Section V or any private high schools:

• 1. East Aurora (17 sectional titles, 42 points)

• 2. Orchard Park (12 sectional titles, 30 points)

• 3. Randolph (13 sectional titles, 29 points)

• 4. Clarence (11 sectional titles, 29 points)

• 5. Maple Grove (9 sectional titles, 29 points)

• 6. Fredonia (11 sectional titles, 28 points)

• 7. Lancaster (10 sectional titles, 23 points)

• 8. Hamburg (7 sectional titles, 22 points)

• 9. Forestville (8 sectional titles, 21 points)

• 10. Amherst (9 sectional titles, 19 points)

What a wonderful distinction for all of our athletes, coaches and families! We are constantly striving to do better in our instructional program, studying the data and working hard. I know our rankings will improve over the next several years for academics as we incorporate new strategies to meet the needs identified in our analysis of the data. But for today, June 4, 2009, with our Lady Cardinals Girls Softball team headed to a Class C Section 6 title–I’ll take it! Success comes in any number of ways.

Let’s do what we do best Ladies, go get ’em!



  1. Hi Kim! I agree with Cindy. You’re a positive influence wherever you go, touching many lives along the way. Randolph is very lucky to have you as their superintendent. May all your DREAMS come true. Your friend, Sue

  2. Kim and all of Raldolph,

    Congratulations on ranking third in Business First for athletics! What an honor!

    Kim, I still read your posts even though they don’t concern Gowanda (or the Europe trip)anymore. You have always been very passionate about education and have wonderful ideas of how to pass that passion along. Many of us miss seeing you here at GCS. Randolph is very lucky to have you. Hope to see you around town!

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