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I’ve been reading a ton lately, including articles and books on blogging–one that I read addresses blog names and identity. That’s what got me thinking about the name of this blog and how it had to change from G-Town Talks to Randolph Writes when I accepted a new position in Randolph.  And how does anyone really know who “Randolph” is anyway? To simplify things, (I think), let’s forget the names and just call it like it is, “Kimberly Moritz BlogPosts”–better to make everything clear and direct. The name of the blog should do the same. Leave no doubt who the the source is or who “owns” the opinions and content. To the point, straightforward, easy to identify. Approachable and easy to read. Done.

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  1. Thanks Monica! I started writing as a high school principal and then lost my voice for a bit as an assistant superintendent. It’s good to be writing again. I can only hope the blog is having a positive effect because few people in our community comment. I’m hoping that over time the comments and dialogue will grow. Thank you for demonstrating how it’s done. 🙂

  2. Ms. Moritz,

    I just wanted to tell you that I’m totally impressed that a superintendent would use a blog to communicate with her stakeholders. What a way to reach your community! I’m a teacher in Michigan and am learning about blogs and stumbled upon yours. I kept checking to make sure it really was a SUPERINTENDENT writing about business, blogs names and her son’s activities. So impressive! I’m sure your blog makes a positive impact on your relationships throughout the district.

  3. Good idea! It’s usually best to keep things simple. I like the new format you have chosen.

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