Bus Garage Addition

A group of sixteen residents joined me for a Bus Garage Committee meeting last night, including three BOE members, our head bus mechanic and our director of transportation. What was our purpose? I wanted to know what they think about a possible capital project for an addition of mechanics bays to our bus garage.

We talked about the problems with the bus mechanics bays which I’ve written about here previously. We also had a chance to review the results of our on-line survey. Thank you to the ninety participants who took the survey.

What did participants tell us? Of the ninety people who answered my questions, 60 voted no to purchase property in the previous vote and 62 agreed that an addition to the current bus garage seems like the best solution to our problem. If asked to vote on a capital project for an addition of two mechanics bays, 72 said that they’d vote yes.

The survey results were a great starting point for a discussion with the bus committee members because it allowed us to think about feedback from ninety people in addition to the sixteen who came to the meeting. I also presented preliminary plans for an addition with drawings and a scope of work plus a conceptual estimate. It’s my recommendation that we move forward with this practical solution to our inadequate space and lift in our mechanics bays. This survey and committee meeting allowed me to discuss the idea with respected members of our community and BOE to see if I’m on the right track.

It is with confidence that we’re headed in the right direction that I will move forward with our BOE members in the process of bringing this capital project to a vote. We’ll be sure to distribute solid information on what the project will include, what it will cost us, what amount will be aided by NYS, and what the cost to the taxpayer will be. I’ll get that information out in a number of ways, including here on the blog so that taxpayers know all the facts and can make an informed decision when we get to a vote.

This is the way it should work, lots of research and frank discussion leading to a good decision about how to proceed. Thanks very much to everyone who took the time to weigh in on the issue and take a stand.

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