Cosmic Forces At Work

Any time I change this presentation, like I have recently with the Tarski presentation, I experience problems. James Farmer at Edublogs is working on this theme, but G-Town Readers’ comments have shown up on the wrong posts. So here I am, back with my original theme. The other presentation afforded me some features I don’t get here, but readers’ comments are the most important part of blogging so we’ll just stick with this one until it’s worked out.  Sorry for the confusion.

  1. Twill be fixed soon – promise 🙂

    As will some other extra cool features… I’m wondering myself where gtown is going to come on our ‘most popular’ blogs when we release that!

    Sorry for teh bother & thanks for bearing with me.

  2. Phew, thought it was just me. I really did like the added features but missed being able to find the comments. You are justing getting ahead of the technology!

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