Door to Door Sales

I had a bizarre experience yesterday. When I saw my husband last night he told me about a young woman who had come to the house earlier in the day. He and my son were home and said a car pulled into the driveway and a young woman bolted up to the door. It wasn’t raining. No one was chasing her. When Derek answered the door she started talking and didn’t stop. She was selling educational materials.  

Now in fairness to my husband, he can’t keep track of all of the students I’ve had over the years and he figured she was one of my former students. He said she seemed like a real “go-getter” but he was vague in how he got her to leave. When she showed up at our door at about 7:30 pm, I knew. He told her to come back later when his wife was home!

Short of strangling my husband, I went to the door and met this young woman. No, I didn’t invite her in. No, I didn’t know her. We live in the middle of nowhere and seldom does someone come to the door. Yes,  I was somewhat rude. She started talking and didn’t stop and I have to tell you I found it down right creepy. She kept referencing all of these other families in Gowanda that we know, knew all of our names and thought I was the principal. Said she was selling educational materials. When I pointed out that my 21 year old daughter lives on her own and my son is about to be a senior, she just gained steam.

Now what materials could she possibly offer us? And what the heck is a young woman doing going door to door alone? If I wasn’t so annoyed I would have feared for her safety. She launched into something about SAT materials and when I said “NO thank you. My son just took the SAT”, I barely finished the sentence when she said, “I know, just like Taylor Anderson.” Her constant use of our neighbors’ and friends’ names was truly unsettling.

Listen folks:  when she shows up on your doorstep don’t give her any more information about any of us! I figure it’s a matter of time before she’s here in Randolph because she’s already been to our principal’s house in Cattaraugus. Honestly, if some one’s coming to my door they better be up front in the first 30 seconds about the purpose. After all, this woman came to my door uninvited for the sole purpose of selling me something I surely don’t need or want–how polite am I expected to be? Does anyone ever buy anything from her? Who else has had this experience?