Are FB Posts/Comments Credible Sources?

NO. It’s 9:48 on Tuesday morning and I’m responding to inquiries from the press because of calls they received and a FB post. The post indicates a “warning to ALL parents” about MRSA in the middle school and anger that we haven’t informed the parents.

According to our school physician, Dr. Robbin Hansen, and the Erie County Health Department, there is no recommendation or requirement to keep someone out of the workplace or school for MRSA. Provided the individual is being seen by a physician and that the infected area is covered, there is no reason to keep him or her out of school. Furthermore, we have no right nor permission to reveal one student’s health condition to anyone else in the school community.

I had to be educated about MRSA too. So I went to the most credible sources I have, the school physician and an epidemiologist at the Erie County Health Department. Both said that this is a fairly common infection today and provided the individual has the wound covered and is being seen by a physician, presents no risk to our student population.

I’m not a medical authority. If you still have questions, call your own physician or the health department.

  1. Well said, Kim. Thanks for using technology in the manner you do & for monitoring social media & setting the record straight for people in the community.

  2. I remember Will Richardson made me promise I want my children to be found by strangers on the internet. And I do. But I want them to know which strangers are helpful, which are just alarmists behind keyboards, and which are potentially threatening in real life. Online literacy is so important. And we should be models of effective online communication for them. Do people ever think of the example they set???

    Thank you for the way you embrace technology and the way you communicate with us. And thank you for your honesty!

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