First Days

Is there any day better than the first day of school? I LOVE this day. Not only is it a long arduous summer working here with just our Admin team and custodial/clerical staffs, ┬ábut this summer was particularly difficult with all of the changes we were studying from the New York State Education Department. So on this day, I am the happiest educator anywhere—delighted to remember why we’re here as I see our students laughing and walking through the hallways.

Our students return happy and excited and wearing their new school clothes—looking their very best. They haven’t had any bad days yet, no failures, no peer problems. Just refreshed and ready to go. Our teachers return happy and excited too, wearing clothes they haven’t probably looked at in two months. They haven’t had any bad days yet either and they return with renewed energy, plans about their curriculum and hope that they’ll have students they can love as much as those they said goodbye to in June.

I especially love the elementary building on the first day of school. The Pre-K and Kindergarten students who enter so timidly, ready for this new experience, are probably my favorite. More than one or two moms leave a bit teary eyed and at least one Pre-K student let her feelings be known at a volume hard to believe from a tiny little four year old. The most tender part of the day is watching all of the older siblings walking their younger brothers and sisters to their classrooms—many who aren’t “too cool” and kiss and hug them goodbye. What a wonderful way to be introduced to this new world of school!

Rest assured parents: we love them, we’re delighted to see your children return and we will do our very best to care for each child and to teach all of them to love learning. Welcome Back RCS!

  1. It’s only the first day of school, but I already adore all of my students. I love how you mention that the first day of school is significant in so many ways, most of all because it is a chance to start off the year with a clean slate. Today I reminded all of my 7th and 8th grade students that this is a chance at a new beginning, regardless of their status the previous year. I’m so lucky to share in this experience with them…teaching is exactly where I’m meant to be!

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