Best of the Web and Sports Programs

This is the week when we receive the Business First Rankings. In addition to being compared to the other 95 school districts in Western New York for everything to do with our academic results, Business First looks at several specialized rankings too. The academic rankings are announced in groups, one per day, and I will post more about our achievements as compared to previous years later this week.

I am pleased to announce two special distinctions that Randolph Central has achieved this year.

Congratulations to EVERYONE involved in our athletic programs, as we are ranked #11 (out of 96) for our Sports Programs—-WOOT! This is a distinction we’ve received previously and a HUGE accomplishment to be in the Top 15 for another year. Thank you for all of the hard work here.

A new accomplishment is to be ranked in the Top #12 for Best of the Web. Actually, it’s the Top #6, with Randolph Central ranked #1 for Schools of our size. Great job by everyone who contributes content on our website but particular congratulations to WEBMASTER Michael Frame for his work on making ours the Best in Category this year! Thank you!!

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