Board of Education Election

In our upcoming BOE election on May 18, 2010, we have eleven district residents running for four BOE seats. This is a wonderful testimony to the community of Randolph and the commitment that our residents have to our public school system!

In some BOE elections, BOE seats either go uncontested or worse, districts struggle to find anyone to run.  What do you have to do  in Randolph to know how involved and supportive our community is? Attend just about any sporting event, witness the number of people who travel to watch our kids play in section or state competitions, visit during the Academic Fair or a concert or the Musical, join our Facebook page, or come to the packed house at Graduation. Randolph supports our school in a BIG WAY and this election is more proof of it.

So who’s running? Incumbents Tonia McAllister, Julie Milliman and Tom Shields are running again.  Michael Evans, who’s been serving in the second year of Dan Philblad’s term, is running in this election. When Dan moved out of the district, Michael Evans, who had previously served on the BOE, was appointed for one year. After this election, the candidate who wins the fourth highest number of votes will serve out the third year of what was Dan Philblad’s 3 year term.

This BOE election also brings back long time BOE member Carol Luce into the running and former candidate Robert Gebhard throws his hat into the ring. We welcome five newcomers to the BOE race: Daniel Jackson, Timothy Plaskett, Timothy Pence, Jr., Thomas Deacon, and Elizabeth Lerow.

The Randolph Register and the Post Journal will likely run stories on the election. Voters can also learn more about the candidates and their positions at the PTA’s Meet the Candidates Night, held here in the RCS Auditorium on May 11, 2010 immediately following the Public Hearing which begins at 6:30 pm.

Please remember to cast your vote on May 18, 2010 from 2:00-8:00 pm in the high school cafeteria. And a special thank you to all eleven of our candidates for your willingness to volunteer your time and efforts for our students and our school!

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