BOE Goals 2009-2011

As a district, we’re working on identifying objectives and district goals that align with our BOE goals in following our vision of  Learning with Passion, Innovation and Leadership. The administrative team, along with teachers and support staff, are considering the steps we will take to get there.

Here are the BOE Goals for 2009-2011:

  1. The RCS Board of Education will lead through active participation in professional development opportunities.
  2. The RCS Board of Education will build trust through communication and collaboration with the entire school community.
  3. The RCS Board of Education will hire and support excellent personnel who demonstrate learning with passion, innovation and leadership.
  4. The RCS Board of Education will support responsible financial decisions that optimize district assets while meeting educational needs.
  5. The RCS Board of Education will continuously support and evaluate the district goals.

These goals reflect the BOE members’ dreams for the district (and mine), along with their commitment to improve communication and collaboration which will build trust, a commitment to their own learning as BOE members, and their desire to support personnel who embrace the mission of learning with passion, innovation and leadership. The goals also reflect a continued strong focus on their financial responsibilities and the importance of defining a vision, long-range goals and resource allocation.

Our administrative team is presenting our professional and district goals to the BOE members at our February 3 meeting. I’m hoping that we will take some risks, that we set ambitious goals and that we realize it’s okay if we don’t get there on every one. Aren’t we better off by taking a risk and striving for more, sometimes missing the mark, than we are by playing it safe and setting goals we know we can achieve?

  1. I teach at Franklinville Central where I am also the tech coordinator. This fall I started teaching a 7th & 8th grade block course themed, “Digital Citizenship.” We use Moodle and Google Docs along with some other Web 2.0 tools. I enrolled at St. Bonaventure in the summer in their Educational Leadership program and I have enjoyed it a great deal. I had never attended SBU for anything until now, but I can recommend it highly. St. Bonaventure is using Moodle with all their students so I’m teaching and learning using Moodle.

  2. Thank you Don—I’ll be posting every day next week, let me know what you think. Where are you teaching? Our son is a high school senior who’s planning to attend St. Bonaventure next year so I hope your experience there is a good one.

  3. I like the new look of your blog and I really like what you have written here and have tweeted it to some of my PLN. I’m taking a course in School & Community Relation at St. Bonaventure this semester and your blog is one of the exemplars that I will and have referred to in the past. I applaud your courage in stepping out/reaching out to your community. I forwarded your blog post a month or so ago about the use of Facebook to our administrators and it invited a very healthy conversation. In fact our high school principal used it as one of his bullet points in the December faculty meeting. Scott McCleod had a post just the other day that demonstrated yet another model and I’m including that link here just in case you didn’t see it,
    I believe schools must use these new and more mobile technologies to engage a community. I look forward to your progress here.

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