August Flying By

Here it is only two weeks from the start of school and I’ve not written this month at all. So what’s been happening here at RCS?

Our staff has been working diligently to prepare for the start of school. We concluded the August regents last week and a couple of days of training for our administrative team on leadership with Thoughtful Classroom. Contract negotiations and the preparation involved consume a lot of time and wrapping up the current building project is a huge priority. Our teachers have been involved in all sorts of staff development, collaboration, and committee work.

Our custodial and cleaning staff do a remarkable job during the summer. The preparation never ends for the clerical support staff and technology staff. They are truly the glue that brings us together for that September 1 start date. Our faculty returns September 1 for three days of staff development and our students return on September 4 for the start of the 2009-10 school year!

I’m always excited in August, a fresh start is so appealing. Everyone gets the opportunity to begin again, learning from our mistakes and trying hard to continue to learn and grow.

Personally, I’m anxious to mark my first beginning as the RCS superintendent. This is my 21st “FIRST DAY of SCHOOL” as an educator but my 1st as superintendent. I’m hoping we have an excellent year, focused on learning for everyone–students and adults alike. I’m sure we’ll have our challenges, but I’m also sure we’ll tackle them together, as a team.

  1. Hi Kim- I know you are getting geared up for tomorrow. Good luck to you and I know you will be fine. I am looking forward to working this year with you. I enjoyed your welcome back letter. Randolph is lucky to have you. Enjoy!!! Janet

  2. Hi Kim- I enjoyed your message about August. It sure is flying bye!!! I am sure you will have a great year and I look forward to working with you. Enjoy the last few days of Peace & Quiet!!!

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