Home Sweet Home

We are safely on the ground in New Jersey and ready for our bus ride home to Gowanda! I know many of our students will be reading the blog now that you’re home. Would you do something for me? Please read through the posts and think about what the trip meant to you. Did it change you in any way? Was it worthwhile? What was your favorite part of the trip? Would you recommend that other students go on future trips? Please post a comment to this post so that we can share your thoughts, ideas and feelings with the 600+ people who followed this blog over the past two weeks. This is an open invitation for our adult participants and chaperones to post your thoughts too!

It was my distinct pleasure and honor to join all of you and to “tell my little piece of the tale” here on the blog. Now tell your piece!

Love & Good Memories Always, Kimberly Moritz

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  1. First of all, I would like to thank Bill Schindler for very generously extending the invitation to travel with Gowanda Central School to Brocton Central School. Looking back at the pictures now, this larger school and larger group of students completely incorporated the schools that I accompanied from Brocton Central School. Thank you! It was a truly wonderful experience!
    Having been home for over a month now, I can see how that the Brocton students who went on this trip walk down the hallways of our school with more confidence! How could they not after experiencing life as a world traveler!
    Thanks to all who made this opportunity a reality!

  2. I really enjoy traveling, but it’s nice to be home.
    These trips are wonderful to do on so many levels. Besides the obvious educational and historical benefits, they give people an opportunity to make new friendships and share memories that will last a lifetime. The greatest joy for me was to see the expression on the faces of students who stood in awe of the Swiss Alps, walked in the footsteps of ancient Romans, and saw masterpiece artwork. You can talk about all these things in your classroom, but it’s nothing like really being there.
    At first I was a little nervous about taking along 20 adult travelers on this very fast paced trip. I soon found out that the adults, like us, understood that we were there for the benefit of the students. These folks were very helpful to our staff of chaperones and I really appreciated them being there. They say it’s pretty common for students to make new friends on these kinds of trips, I feel that I made several new friends also.
    I know we have terrific students at Gowanda School, but it was really nice to hear all the compliments from tour directors and the other staff we traveled with. All of our students did a wonderful job of representing both our school and community.
    Finally, these things are only successful when you bring along a great support staff and have the backing of an outstanding administration and Board of Education. I was proud to be your group leader.

  3. What an incredible time we had on the trip! We have truly wonderful students at Gowanda and the growth that takes place in 11 days is amazing. Our students became more open and accepting of the differences in others. Some of my favorite quotes were: “This is the best day” (heard spoken by the same girl several days in a row), “I have to bring my mom here”, and “I never really knew … but he/she is really nice.” One of my student who was not on the trip asked me what my favorite thing about the trip was and after thinking about everything I saw and did, I have to say it was watching all 81 people in our group (Canadians and Brocton students included) share gelati near the Trevi Fountain. Every student was checking to see if every other student had tried their new favorite flavor.
    I also want to comment on what a fantastic group of adults and chaperons we had on this trip. Our second night in Switzerland, we decided we needed more activities and less free time. We were able to offer the students three more activities for 30 euros or about $50 US dollars. We also made it clear that if any student felt that they could not afford this to see Bill, Kim , or myself. At that point, I heard a chorus of or “or me” from every adult on the trip. What a caring group of people! I feel like I have made some great new friends.
    This is the second trip that I have done with Bill Schindler and it has been a blast. His level thinking and true concern for the welfare of the youth of Gowanda made him a super leader for this trip. We are already making plans for 2011!
    In closing, I want to thank everyone in the community and school for your continued support. Thanks for buying raffle tickets, Easter chocolates, and dinner tickets. Your dollars were well spent, as the students truly represented Gowanda in a shining light.

  4. Being a parent that was lucky enough to go on this trip with my daughter, I just want to take a moment to say to all that were waiting at home, that not only did every single kid that went on this trip act an behave perfect…( moms and dads..you would be proud) but I want to let you know that your pride and joys could not have been in better hands. I have never seen a group of adults work harder to not only ensure there safety, but take a great deal of time making sure that everyone was having a good time and work through some home sick moments. These young adults truly became there kids for 11 days and my applause to all of them for there hard work in putting together such a great trip. All it takes is looking at the pictures and seeing the smiles on the kids faces to know that it was worth it. I feel very blessed to have shared that with everyone….thank you. And to my daughter Brandi..thanks for a great trip and the time we shared…I love you!!!!!!

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