The Good Old Days

1980, Boy meets girl, talks to girl, asks for phone number. Boy calls girl on her home phone, they talk until someone else in the house demands use of phone. No call waiting, no cell phones, no caller id. Boy asks girl out on date, girl says yes. Couple talks non-stop in the car, on the date, on the way home. Face to face, chemistry found–new date planned, start of story; no chemistry–no new date, end of story.

2007, Boy meets girl, talks to girl, asks for phone number. Boy starts texting girl. Boy and girl text incessantly for days, bringing up every imaginable topic. Boy asks girl out on date, girl says yes. Couple has already used up all of the “getting to know each other” topics on text message. Couple has nothing to say on first date. Awkward, who knows if chemistry would have been found?

I think it was better in 1980. I’m glad I’m old and married.

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  2. I wish I was single and living in 1980 instead of single in 2007….of course in my experience usually even after incessant text messaging conversation could still be found if both parties were trying. It seems that the case is often one side trying in every possible way to start conversation while the other responds with yes or no answers. When someone actually asks me a question and shows interest in me I might just fall head over heels…..whether it is via text or face to face.

  3. Interesting comparison, but I’m not sure I see the difference (other than the devices used). In both, conversations occur; the whole “getting to know you” is taking place in both forms. In both scenarios, enough information has been exchanged to know if the ask for/accept date is worth it. Chemistry, at least in its earliest bubbling forms, is there or the date wouldn’t happen. Perhaps, given all the conversation prior to the date, 2007’s first date is more analogous to the 1980’s second date?

    That said, I, too, am glad to be old(er) and married. Dating, regardless of technologies involved, is a pain.

  4. I agree wholeheartedly! I’ll take the “good old days” any time!

    I’m also glad to be “old and married” and don’t have to go through the dating game anymore!

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