Taste of Gowanda

Our Building Improvement Team hosts it’s second annual “Taste of Gowanda” contest this evening. Our inaugural event was held last year and was a huge success, bringing together students, faculty, and community members in this cooking contest. We have appetizers, main dishes, and desserts with 37 entries. There’s even a cookbook containing all of tonight’s recipes as designed by our business students for sale for $3.00.

The best part of the evening is seeing everyone interacting, enjoying each other’s cooking, and visiting. We have the prestige of winning and extremely cool trophies (handmade) for first place. After the judging, everyone in our community is welcome to come to taste for the small price of $1.00. Any profit¬†we make on the sale of the cookbooks and the entry fees goes to the local Food Pantry.

It’s really just about inviting the public into our school in a positive way. Many thanks to Sue Rebmann for taking care of every detail, big and small, to her co-chair Beth Westerheide who did anything Sue didn’t think of (which wasn’t much), and to our judges and BIT members for helping.¬† Oh and thanks to Tom Janicki in our Art department for making the banner I said I would take care of as my part of the set-up. It’s great to be part of this team!

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