Head Barely Above Water

I don’t even have time to write and tell you why I haven’t had time to post. All is well, busy with student issues, strategic planning, emergency preparedness, evaluations, budget planning, bell schedules, and can’t even think of what else. Instead of trying to come up with a post, think I’ll go read a bit and invest in a little much needed input. Too much output lately. It’s either read everything I can find or go on a mad on-line shopping binge. Healthier to read.

HR Manager Lisa emailed me to ask why I hadn’t written. When I replied that I barely had my head above water she said I was lucky because she’s sprouting gills. Truth be told, we’re all in the same boat.

  1. Kim,
    I just posted something similar on my blog. It seems that this time of the year is busy for everyone. Good luck on staying afloat. Kelly from educational discourse wrote an excellent comment on my blog which may apply to you as well.


  2. I must say – it is nice to hear others are in the same shape. This is my sixth year as a principal and it just never seems to get any easier to keep one’s head above water!

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