Where Do I Sign Up to be a Charter School?

As Governor Spitzer announces his interest in more than doubling the number of charter schools in our state, I’m beginning to do some research so that I can better understand the initiative. The very first article I find is out of Georgia and the author details a state plan as follows,

 A plan that would give entire school systems the same freedoms as existing charter schools moved one step closer to passage on Tuesday, clearing a Senate committee on a party-line vote. The classification would allow systems to run schools free from many state and federal regulations – including rules on class size, school hours and the hiring and firing of teachers. 

Maybe I’m naive but that sure sounds like a push for more local control. Why do school systems need to be named charter school systems to provide local leaders with decision making ability?

I have to return for a moment to my NYSUT days as a Committee of 100 member, lobbying in Albany, and point readers to NYSUT’s view on charter schools. An obvious question comes to mind:

If we think it’s good practice to form charter schools who can operate free from the regulations governing public schools, then why do we support the regulations governing public schools?

As a 17 year veteran of public schools, working hard to make a difference every day, I can’t be trusted to make good decisions without regulations, but I could be as a charter school applicant?

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  2. Amen to your question. Here in Florida a group from south Florida has now mandated that our start time be two weeks before Labor Day. The group want their vacations to line up more with the North. However, in June, the weather is like Aug. up North. In Aug, it is so extremely hot and humid all you do is stay inside in the AC. Why not go to school? You’re not outside and all public schools in FL are AC’d anyway. We have lost some of our local control and our district wants it back!!

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