We don’t need no thought control.

I’ve been paying attention to this blog, JCC CSC 1590 Computing Fundamentals I,¬†created for our college level course that’s taught here, to our students, by our math teacher for Jamestown Community College credit. If Mrs. Furman keeps this up, her students will be owning the content in no time. As Jordan and Courtney have shown in their comments, they are responding to the reading in the textbook by posting summary notes, with examples, for their classmates to consider.

I’m sure this caused Jordan and Courtney a considerable amount of anxiety, which led to a meaningful study of the text–how much more meaningful than a traditional reading of the text, only they can comment on. The other students in the class have the ability to post questions and to try to find the chink in the summaries. They have to read the summaries with a discerning eye so that they can turn around and comment intelligently.

Watch out, Mrs. Furman, your students are actually thinking about your text, responding purposefully, and just maybe, learning something unexpected along the way. And all this without you dictating it to them, without you telling them specifically what to regurgitate. This is teaching and learning at its best. You make me proud to be in G-Town, where the most innovative process is happening right now. Thank you, G-Town students and teacher, the best in the biz.

  1. Jordan and Courtney (and everyone else in this class)! Not only are you doing a great job in summarizing and putting those notes out there – you are amazing in the feedback you are giving one another. I am thinking specifically about the pieces where other students gave you advice on how to clarify what you stated or gave other examples. As a teacher – that is what I want in my class. As a part of a team – that is what I would want from my colleagues!! You aren’t just doing homework – you are doing “real life!” And you’re doing it well! Great job!

  2. As you predicted I was very nervous when I found out I was the next victim. However it did make me read the chapter very carefully and I did get a better grasp of the concepts discussed.

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