Note to Will Richardson and WNY BOCES Leaders

Just think, everything I’m writing about, all the great stuff starting to happen for real students in G-Town is thanks to you. Because you empowered a principal, who in turn empowered teachers, our students are benefiting. Ever wonder if what you’re all doing makes a difference for kids? I’m here to tell you it does.

A huge public thank you from this principal in G-Town.

  1. I am a student of Mrs. Furman’s (Crystal) class and I know that by doing the blogging I will be better at getting the meaning of text when there won’t be a teacher that gives notes about everything. I know this will be a great tool in college.

  2. Kim has challenged my thinking and teaching strategies in so many ways. I start blogging with my JCC students to help them with their reading comprehension. We are finding that when it comes to reading a textbook, our students have no idea how to attack the text to gain any meaning from it. I’ve been assigning readings, knowing that my students wouldn’t get it, and then I would spend a couple of days giving them notes on my paraphrasing of the text. I had no idea how to get my students to be able to gain meaning from what they’ve read. Through the literacy team that Kim has organized and blogging, my students are getting really good at reading a text. The side effect of this, is that I don’t need to do my lectures, and therefore can utilize class time in a much more meaningful way by going beyond what they’ve read. I am having to complete rethink the way that I’ve been teaching this class for the past 9 years.

    Thanks Kim. When you challenge the thinking of the teachers of G-Town, everyone benefits.

  3. No, Kim. I think we need to tell you “Thanks!” You embraced something new, took some huge professional risks, and put your thoughts out there for others to read and remark upon. It is refreshing to see educational leaders address the “elephant in the room” and take on the issues that we all struggle with. Lots of people will trumpet their success (and we should) but not many will have the guts to publically wrestle their demons! Your passion for kids and for education is obvious in all your posts – and they inspire us all!! Kudos to you!

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